Moving Comfort Uplift C/D Sports Bra

Moving Comfort Uplift C/D Sports Bra

Category: Running Bras
Recommended for: women looking for a properly supportive and really comfortable bra for running, cross fit and all energetic sports, in C-DD cup.


  • Smooth material
  • Brilliantly effective support
  • Straps that don’t dig in at all
  • Flattering shape and nice look


  • A back fastening that takes a bit of getting used to securing

Fit and Feel

Moving Comfort Uplift C/D Sports BraThe material on the straps and chest band of this bra has a slight touch of slinkiness. The straps are also soft – there’s none of the stiffness you get in some sports bras that does damage to your shoulders when you’re running with a backpack – so you feel securely held but in an uplifting way (this bra really does what it calls itself!).

The moulded cups prevent the mono-boob effect, but again it’s gently done thanks to the smoothness of the material.

Overall it gives me a feeling of confidence.


  • Crossover straps in a strong but smooth fabric, with no padding, so doesn’t cause problems when you load yourself with a backpack.
  • Clip fastening at the back which you slide down through a gap in the strap material, this takes a bit of getting used to but it’s fine and the upside is there are no hooks to dig into your back.
  • Moulded cups for a good shape


Moving Comfort Uplift C/D Sports BraI’ve done the hand above my chest test whilst running downhill and there’s just a bit of upward movement with each landing, plus absolutely no downward movement (below my breasts). The chest strap stayed put, no riding up under the breasts. When I take the bra off there’s no red marks on my shoulders, which I’ve had with other sports bras. Moisture management is fine too; the material is effective as moisture wicking.


When I started running there was little on offer except the Minimal Bounce bra, which I had to layer over a regular M&S bra. I don’t miss those days! Since then there’s been gradual improvement, a leap forward with the Shock Absorber bra a few years back that saw off the thick, almost armour like efforts of the most supportive bras up till then.

Moving Comfort (now coming under the Brooks brand) has been working away at a comprehensive range of sports bras for the last few years. It’s taken time to perfect but they’re really proving the brand to beat these days. Hands down, this is the BEST running bra I’ve ever used.

Sizing tip: I’m a 32 DD and the size small fits me perfectly. In the Shock Absorber I had to go for 34 C for the sake of my lungs! If you’re unsure which size to go for I’d advise trying smaller than larger.

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