Women's Icebreaker Sphere Tee
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Women's Icebreaker Sphere Tee


Women's Running T-Shirts


  • Super lightweight and soft with a natural feel.
  • Eco friendly due to the Merino wool and TENCEL materials.
  • Feels dry even when you’re sweating loads.

Women's Icebreaker Sphere Tee
Ocean £44.00 £60.00


  • The material is a blend of:
    • 52% Merino Wool, which is temperature moderating meaning it’s cool in the heat and warm in the cold.
    • 35% TENCEL, which has a botanic origin, and 13% nylon, making this tee a lot more eco-friendly than most other sports clothing.
  • This running T-shirt is featherweight light and the softness of fabric means it feels like it’s kissing your skin. At the same time, the Corespun fabrication means you don’t risk pulling it easily, which can be a danger with some ultra-light fabrics.
  • The cut is loose, but not big. There’s a dipped hem, and the length is generous. 
  • The merino wool element cuts down on odour, so you could wear this a couple of times before needing to wash it, if you wanted to. Being merino, it is recyclable and biodegradable come the end of the tee’s life.


Women's Icebreaker Sphere Tee
Women's Icebreaker Sphere Tee


  • Mega lightweight
  • Stays remarkably dry – I’ve tried it during intense gym sessions
  • Flattering fit
  • Natural materials and natural feel
  • Odour resistant
  • Fast drying – don’t put it in a tumble drier 
  • Loose cut but fits true to size


  • May be too long for petite frames

In Testing

So far I’ve used this in the gym as it’s not been warm enough to run outside in a tee yet. I’m so happy to have a top that doesn’t get dark shades around my front, back and armpits when I’m sweating buckets and cursing my trainer in the gym! 


I was eyeing up an Icebreaker tee last year but waited too long and then it sold out, so I grabbed this fast and I’m really happy with it. It’s going to be great in the gym and for long summer runs. I can’t believe how natural and soft it feels, plus how light it is. It’s perfect, and the eco credentials mean I feel better about my investment too.

Women's Icebreaker Sphere Tee
Ocean £44.00 £60.00

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Orchid £36.00 £50.00

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Coral £59.00 £75.00

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