Brooks Dare Zip C/D Running Bra
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Brooks Dare Zip C/D Running Bra


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A great option for women who don’t like to struggle with putting on and taking off their sports bra.

Women's Brooks Dare Zip C/D Bra
Navy £55.00


  • Zip front closure. But don’t worry, the zip is super stable and won’t open during your run!
  • The inner J-hook allows easy on & off. It also gives the comfort of having extra protection.
  • Bottom band is integrated fully into the bra, providing invisible support and chafe-free comfort.
  • Sweat-wicking, quick-drying DriLayer® HorsePower fabric, with strategically placed perforation for additional ventilation.
  • Free-cut construction and minimal seams for modern style and distraction-free comfort. No more chafing!
Brooks Dare Zip Sports Bra
Brooks Dare Zip Sports Bra


  • Strong support even though this bra is light as air
  • Excellent moisture management
  • Minimal design without unnecessary seams
  • Very easy put on / take off
  • Beautiful design


  • So far, this bra only comes in a C/D cup size. If you need a small cup it might be too big. Although I am a 34B in the Rebound Racer model, I went for the Dare Zip in a 32 C/D and it fits like a second skin!
  • The zip is protected with a soft piece of material, however for very long runs you might want additional protection. To help prevent rubbing I would suggest applying BodyGlide underneath the band (at the front of your body).

In Testing

I’ve done a few long runs in this bra and wow, wow, WOW! At first, I was quite sceptical. I’ve never tried a zip bra in my life so I was a bit worried it might open during my run without me noticing, and the whole of Richmond Park would admire my bare chest. I know, ridiculous, but I didn’t know what to expect.

Also, the fabric of this bra is so minimal, so lightweight that it didn’t feel ‘supportive’ enough to me. But I gave it a go and wow, I’m so positively surprised! Basically, I didn’t even feel the bra on my body – no chafing, digging, pressing. Previously I used to wear model with Velcro straps and they always left some red marks on my skin. The Dare Zip has seamless straps and an integrated bottom band, so you can barely feel it. But, oh man it’s very supportive! The amount of support is exactly the same as the Rebound Racer. 

The biggest surprise is the moisture-wicking fabric this bra is made from. Now I can see how wet my previous bra was after each run – it was soaked in sweat. The Dare Zip bra stays completely dry; I couldn’t believe it.

Also, usually I don’t care much about the design, but this bra is a piece of art. Beautiful design, sleek and feminine look. I love it.


The Dare Zip bra is a great option for women who don’t like to struggle with putting on and taking off their sports bra (me!). The minimal, yet very supportive design, and super-dry fabric gives you comfort even on your very long runs. The zip doesn’t move an inch – A+ for design. Do I need more from a running bra? Nah, so far, the best model I’ve had.

Women's Brooks Dare Zip C/D Bra
Navy £55.00

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