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Brooks Dare Scoopback Running Bra


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Lighter than previous ultimate support Brooks bras, but as supportive. Very smooth, frictionless material. A real step forward in supportive running bras, in terms of having a bra that stays dry, is super comfortable, makes you feel secure and therefore more confident whilst doing sport.

Women's Brooks Dare Scoopback A/B Bra
Lavender Print £55.00

Women's Brooks Dare Scoopback A/B Bra
Black £55.00


  • The adjustment straps on the shoulders ensure a neat fit for your shape.
  • The perforated unicup does two things: it stops your breasts from pushing in together for a uni-boob look which is neither comfortable nor flattering! The gentle moulding of the unicup supports each breast, and the tiny holes (which are just visible on the model shot above, and form a triangle going from mid breast down to the support band) encourage faster moisture evaporation.
  • The DriLayer fabric on the inside does what it says on the tin – it stays (fairly) dry. No small achievement for a properly supportive sports bra. This fabric is also very strong and supportive, yet to touch it is soft.
  • The Scoopback is a refreshing change from the traditional cross back design on sports bras. For those who struggle to pull the cross-back design over their heads, this sports bra is easy to put on – you can even secure it at the front, then slip it around and push your arms through.
  • There are 4 tiers of securing hooks at the back instead of the usual 2 or 3, meaning you get even more flexibility of fit options around the ribcage.
Brooks Dare Scoopback Running Bra
Brooks Dare Scoopback Running Bra


  • A dream combination of strong support and ultra-smooth fabric against your skin.
  • Very few seams so a much better chance of staying chafe-free.
  • Fits true to size. I’m generally a 32C and that’s the size I took in this bra, but I can only use the widest of the fastening hooks. If you’re between sizes I’d recommend going up a ribcage size.
  • Lightweight and fast drying.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps so you’re sure of a perfect fit.


  • I’m struggling to think of a con.

In Testing

I’ve tested this bra on long and short runs and it’s now the one I reach for first. I’m dying to declare my other running bras worn out so I can re-stock with Dare Scoopback. Firstly, when putting it on, I’m not pulling out my hair scrunchie as I yank it over my head – thanks to the lack of cross back design. Once on I feel so supported and yet totally unrestricted. It’s smooth, baby, smooth!

I was cautious at first, unconvinced that something so comfortable and light could actually support me enough, but I quickly forgot all about it as I got into my run. I didn’t notice the bra during my – isn’t that the best way to know it’s working?

At the end I noticed that even in the cold weather I wasn’t getting chilly boobs as the bra was drier than I’m used to at the end of a hard session. Nothing had dug in or rubbed, I was totally comfortable. The support was perfect.


I’ve been a Brooks bra convert for some years as I’ve found they’ve mastered the blend of great support along with comfort and give in the fabric, so you don’t feel like you’re in a breast vice.

With their new range of sports bras, Brooks have raised the bar even higher. This bra is markedly lighter than the Juno (my previous go-to), and it also keeps me drier which is pretty crucial when the sweat is pouring off.

After testing it I tried on another well-known running bra (ShockAbsorber) and it felt so, so restrictive by comparison, yet the bounce test had the same results. So, my Brooks conversion continues.

Women's Brooks Dare Scoopback A/B Bra
Black £55.00

Women's Brooks Dare Scoopback A/B Bra
Lavender Print £55.00

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