Preview: Altra Provision 5
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Preview: Altra Provision 5


Zero-Drop Running Shoes


Available: March 2021
Average Weight: Men's 308g / Women's 235g
Offset: 0mm
Stack Height: 26mm

The ever-popular zero-drop supportive road running shoe from Altra, the Provision 5 features refined InnovArch technology to deliver an improved fit and help your natural gait cycle. The Guide Rail support system reduces over-pronation of your feet for straight alignment.

Women's Altra Provision 5, Zero-Drop Road Running Shoes


  • Breathable mesh upper provides moisture management
  • Footshape technology allows feet to spread naturally
  • Guide Rail support decreases over-pronation of the feet
  • Midsole with zero-drop offset delivers balanced cushioning for natural ride
  • Improved heel collar for more locked in and secure fit
  • New InnovArch technology features uses proprioception for better mind and body connection
  • Contoured insole surface engages with the nerves of your feet

Unique to Altra's Provision style only, the InnovArch technology has been refined to offer you improved fit and support, as well as encouraging better connection from your feet through your body to your mind in order to empower your natural gait cycle.

The InnovArch is built in the mesh of the midfoot. It rises from the midsole on the medial side and further back lifts towards the lacing system. This shoe features Guide Rail technology, which promotes a mild anti-pronation support to keep your feet aligned and eliminate any excessive downwards movement with your arches. The Guide Rail support performs only when you need it, without interfering with your natural stride – which is why it can be used by neutral runners as well as over-pronators.

Altra's typical rounded FootShape forefoot follows the shape of your feet so you can spread them freely without experiencing any irritation.

The zero-drop midsole is 26mm thick – there is no rise at any point. The equal distance between your heel, midfoot or forefoot and the ground stimulates your optimal alignment and allows low-impact landing. The bouncy cushioning absorbs the shock from running on hard roads.

Women's Altra Provision 5, Zero-Drop Road Running Shoes
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