Adidas Adios 6, Racing Flats
Adidas Adios 6, Racing Flats


Racing Flats


Available: July 2021
Average Weight: 231g
Offset: 8mm
Heel Drop: 27mm / 19mm

The new version of Adidas's elite racing flat, the Adios 6, is more cushioned than ever, providing bounce, responsiveness and enhanced comfort underfoot. The new Lightstrike Pro midsole is super lightweight and absorbs impact on hard surfaces. The Microfit mesh upper is lightweight and well-ventilated, whether you are doing 5 kilometres or a marathon.

Men's Adidas Adizero Adios 6
Black/White £110.00

The midsole in the new Adios 6 is thicker, providing enhanced comfort whether you are training or racing. The top layer of the midsole features a Lightstrike Pro compound, offering excellent response on impact. The soft Lightstrike foam wraps around the Lightstrike Pro creating superb cushioning, particularly noticeable under the heel. The torsion rods on the outsole in a V shape stabilise the entire shoe and produce speedy propulsion. The combination of the responsiveness of the Lightstrike Pro with the super-soft Lightstrike foam and torsion system in Adios 6 ensure a perfectly balanced transition from foot-strike to toe-off.

The ultra-light and breathable Microfit mesh upper is made partly from recycled materials to support environmental sustainability. It is engineered to cradle the feet in security and comfort.

The sticky rubber outsole with durable grip prevents slipping and sliding on wet surfaces.

Adidas Adizero 6, Racing Flats


  • Microfit mesh upper is durable, lightweight and breathable
  • Lightstrike Pro cushioning with added padding under the heel for soft feel
  • Torsion rods on the outsole promotes snappy ride
  • Durable rubber outsole made from sticky materials to prevent slippage
  • Contains Primegreen recycled materials

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Men's Adidas Adizero Adios 6
Black/White £110.00

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