U.P. Titan Runner's Pack

Category: Running Waist Bags
Recommended for: small essentials that every runner needs to carry during outdoor running or races.


  • Neoprene fabric.
  • Lightweight.
  • Breathable, keeps you cool.
  • Wicking fabric, draws sweat away from body.
  • Cushioned and comfortable.
  • Doesn't chafe or dig in.
  • Large pocket for phone, keys, mp3, gels, or other belongings.
  • Small, separate net pocket for extra gels, or keys etc.
  • Phone port for headphone cable access.
  • Reflective detail for running at night.
  • Fully adjustable belt, can be worn around waist or hips.


  • Fairly bulky compared to some other designs.
  • Not many compartments for gels if using for longer distances.

Fit and Feel

U.P. Titan Runner's PackI really enjoyed using this waist pouch. As I don't normally like to have anything that feels constrictive in any way, when running. I was a bit dubious of the slightly bulky design, but was pleasantly surprised. I found the belt very comfortable and actually supportive of my lower back, as I had it strapped around my waist. It is also quite cool when using in warmer weather due to the wicking and breathable neoprene fabric, so there were no issues with sweating and overheating. As the design is quite cushioned and comfortable, it didn't rub or dig in at all either. Very easy access to the pockets, it was perfect for carrying my iphone and listening to music with the convenient headphone port. Also very handy to keep your keys in a separate pouch so they don't jangle around with your phone.


U.P. Titan Runner's PackOverall, I am very impressed with this item. It is extremely comfortable and cool, and felt really supportive around my waist. I would definitely recommend this waist pouch to people looking for something comfortable and convenient. Perfect for carrying phone or wallet, mp3 player, keys, and a couple of gels. Not so useful if you want to carry lots of gels, in such a case I would recommend something like the SIS Marathon Gel Belt or High 5 Gel Sachet Belt

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