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Tailwind Nutrition Rebuild Recovery Drink


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An easy-to-digest protein recovery drink, that tastes natural and avoids the gloopy consistency of some whey or soy protein shakes.

Tailwind Nutrition REBUILD Recovery Sachet
Chocolate £2.75


  • Easy to mix 
  • Doesn’t go gloopy or lumpy
  • Same consistency as water
  • Fresh and natural tasting
  • Not too sweet
  • Delicious
  • Light on the stomach
  • Vegan
  • Amino acids to aid muscle recovery


  • None that I’ve found
Tailwind Nutrition Rebuild 15 Serving Pouch

In Testing

Whilst I’m not vegan, I’ve never been able to digest protein recovery shakes that use soy or whey, so I was excited to try this rice-protein based drink. I added it to water, using a Shaker Bottle and then gulped it down! The taste is like chocolate water, which doesn’t sound great but trust me it tastes good. There’s no clumping of powder – the one time I put the powder in first and then added the water it didn’t blend as well – and the consistency is so light that it slips down very easily.


For a while I didn’t bother with any protein drinks after long runs, as I couldn’t find one I liked. I knew this wasn’t a great strategy, as I always felt depleted for the rest of the day, and often into the following morning. I never seemed to be able to eat enough protein in post-run meals. Now I use this Tailwind recovery drink after every long training session and I’ve seen a noticeable improvement to the speed of my recovery. Not only is my energy better but also my muscles aren’t as stiff the next day.

Tailwind Nutrition REBUILD Recovery Sachet
Chocolate £2.75

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