WrightSock Coolmesh II Running Socks

Category: Road Running Socks
Recommended for: Summer months, standing on forefoot all day.


  • Breathable
  • Soft lightweight feel
  • Wicks sweat away quick
  • Keeps feet dryer for longer


  • You forget you are wearing them!

Fit and Feel

WrightSock Coolmesh II Running SocksThese socks really are cool and soft against skin without adding weight to your feet this is a unique feature. The integrative system makes them breather-able, they are just the right level of warmth without causing friction in the inner layer. For me they were a dream to wear, they hug your feet.


These socks are designed for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin/prone to blisters, they help minimise the risk of blisters, reducing moisture absorption.


I love these socks, they're more comfortable than slippers, minus the heat build up. They sit on your feet, stay put, and most of all stay cool!

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