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TP Massage Ball

We love The Grid! It has taken foam rollers to a whole new level of self-care for your body. It is perfect for injury prevention and rehab, such as ITB syndrome, shin splints, achilles problems, tight quads and hamstrings. Plus it will strengthen your core, which in many runners' cases reduces a lot of injuries and stiffness.

What is The Grid?

The Grid is a revolutionary type of foam roller which can be used in two specific ways:

  1. As massage tool, either as a warm-up device before a run for more sensitive or injury prone muscles, or as a brilliant post-run recovery aid.
  2. As a great device to strengthen the core.

How Does The Grid Work?

Unlike other foam rollers, The Grid has a varied profile on its surface, to mimic different types of massage and utilize the trigger points in the body. The broad grid areas equates to the flat of the hand; the long, thin grid areas feels like massage using fingers; the smallest grid areas feel like finger-tip massage. You can benefit from all of these by learning how to roll on the specific areas of The Grid.

How To Use The Grid

For Specific Areas IT Band is a very common injury/niggle to greatly benefit from The Grid. So using that as an example "rolling out" the IT band on the grid every day can be invaluable. It is like being able to get a quick in depth massage every day. Start out by taking some of your weight on the floor until your IT band has loosened off and you can move to one leg on the Grid with the other in the air. Gradually move from the larger grid areas to the smaller for a more intense massage as the IT band loosens off and relaxes.

Exactly the same principle works for tight calves, achilles problems and shin splints. First roll out both calves on the Grid at the same time, then gradually move to one leg on the Grid with the other in the air for a more intense work out.

Warm-up Use the broad grid area to warm up muscles gradually. If you are massaging the legs, have both legs on the Grid, or one leg on the Grid and the rest of your body weight on the floor for a gentle warm up.

Post Run Massage Gradually build up to massaging one leg at a time on the Grid with the other in the air. Depending on tightness and/or muscle soreness this could take a few days/weeks.

Core work out A bi-product of using the Grid to massage your legs is that you will be almost forced into positions that strengthen your core. There are also a number of specific exercises that you can do to strengthen the core on the Grid such as modified push-ups; crunches; planks and bridges.

The TP Massage Ball

The TP Massage Ball is a great way to get to those slightly more difficult to reach muscle groups such as calves, glutes, piriformis, shoulder area, specific back muscle groups and chest area. Simply roll gently over the troublesome area, increasing the pressure as you get braver! The ball is fantastic for relieving fatigued feet at the end of a long run or simply a long day.

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  • CSeptember 3, 2013 at 1:56am
    Awesome Instructions video,thanks. Love my grid!! just got it and started to use it. On my first try i could totally feel a difference in my back.
    Thanks Reply
    • Bhauliya MossSeptember 3, 2013 at 4:14pm
      I'm so glad the videos were such a help and that you are finding the grid is helping your back. I've been using it for a few years now and have found it brilliant. Reply
  • Matthew NewnhamOctober 16, 2013 at 11:46am
    Wonderful video - thanks very much, and I say that as a lifelong runner, and as a marketer.

    I've been a fan and customer of yours for nearly 20 years, and I love how you've refreshed your marketing. It's fresh, relevant, valuable and highly engaging.

    And since I've been training so much more intensely on the track and so on recently, I'll be popping along to get the Grid today. Thanks for that great demo! Reply
    • Dipika SmithOctober 17, 2013 at 1:26pm
      Hi Matthew, thanks so much for taking the time to write. So grateful to hear your feedback. Happy grid rolling :) Reply
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