Sunwise Equinox RM, Running Sunglasses

Category: Running Sunglasses
Recommended for: all runners running in sunny conditions or runners with sensitive eyes.


  • 4 different lenses
  • Lightweight
  • Secure fit
  • Good visibility in strong light
  • Excellent value


  • Deciding on which lens to use!


The Sunwise running sunglasses are so lightweight you hardly feel they are on. The legs don't go around the ears but just gently grip around the head. They feel very secure.


The Sunwise Equinox come with 4 interchangeable lenses, clear, lowlight, medium and strong sunlight. Of course which of the lenses you choose on any given day is very individual depending on the sensitivity of your eyes and the glare of the sunlight. If you wear glasses it is possible to get prescription lenses fitted at a Sunwise optician. The glasses do also offer some protection against wind, sand etc as well as sunlight.


Sunwise Equinox RM, Running SunglassesI don't wear glasses and hardly ever wear sunglasses, yet these didn't feel strange on at all. They were incredibly comfy and I really hardly knew I had them on, except of course the sun was no longer shining in my eyes! The glare was cut, but everything even in wooded areas where of course, in some places it was quite shady, visibility was still absolutely fine. Of course if you are running in an area with some shade it would best to change the lenses and wear one of the lighter lenses.

We do also stock the Sunwise Breakout Sunglasses which are £16.99 and just come with strong lenses, for a more budget option.

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