The Stick, Massage Aid

Category: Running Muscle Recovery & Massage Aids
Price: £35
Recommended for: anyone looking to ease off tight muscles after training, for self-maintenance between sports massage appointments or to take with you when you are travelling and don't necessarily have access to sports massage or want to carry around a bulky foam roller.


  • Compact and easy to carry around with you
  • The ability to apply as much pressure as you feel necessary, compared with a foam roller where you are applying full bodyweight
  • Can target more specific areas than a foam roller, such as around the knee at the bottom of the IT band
  • Grippy handles at both ends, comfortable and secure to hold on to
  • Easy to use wherever you are, you don't need much space - you could use it whilst sitting on the sofa (e.g. if you wanted to loosen off your IT bands)


  • Great to use on your legs and lower body but not so easy to use on your upper body
  • Has its place somewhere between The Grid and the TP Massage Ballin terms of the muscles it can effectively target - you can't apply bodyweight as with the Grid and it is not as easy to target areas like the plantar fascia as it is with the massage ball.


  • 19" long, perfectly portable
  • Two grippy handles, allowing you to more easily apply as much pressure as you require
  • Main stick made from strong flexible plastic, designed to bend and flex without risk of breaking
  • 10 loose plastic segments cover main stick, allowing them to roll when you move the stick over the muscles


The Stick, Massage AidThe Stick is a great addition to your self-massage tool box! If you don't always have the time or money to go for a sports massage as regularly as you'd like or perhaps require, The Stick can go a long way to easing muscle tightness, soreness and knots.

It is especially good for the legs - IT bands, hamstrings, quads, calves all feel great after a workout with the stick.

At £35 it is around what you would pay for one sports massage, so if you consider that you will be able to use it as often as you like, the cost seems very reasonable.

As it is made predominantly from plastics, it does not have the downside of becoming out of shape with repeated use as can be the case with foam rollers.

The portability is a real bonus for those occasions when you are racing abroad and want to ease off your muscles post-race but don't want to bulk up your luggage too much.

The ability to apply as much pressure as you see fit is an advantage if your muscles are very tender and you feel rolling them out on the foam roller would be too much. With The Stick you would be able to lightly massage the muscles and still ease them off a little without too much pain.

Overall, I would recommend this product as a great way to ease off muscle tightness as and when required.

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