Review: SIS Rego Rapid Recovery Shake

Review: SIS Rego Rapid Recovery Shake Review: SIS Rego Rapid Recovery Shake

Category: Running Drinks
Flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Banana
Recommended for: recovery, muscle repair after training, and adaptation to exercise


  • Very easy and convenient, especially when used with the SIS Rego Shaker Bottle. The bottle contains a plastic mesh which filters out any lumps and helps the drink to mix well. The big spout also stops any mixture getting stuck in it, as can happen with a smaller spout, making it more hygenic. It also has a handy flip lid, which is really secure when shut, so nothing spills when mixing. It only takes a few shakes and no strenuous effort to get a smooth milky consistency. Just add water, shake and drink, it's that simple! The sachets are light and small enough to slip into your running belt, gym bag, handbag or even a large pocket.
  • It tastes great. Vanilla is my favourite flavour, as it is mild and easy on the stomach after a hard workout or long run. It goes down really well. Chocolate is also yummy and strawberry and banana offer plenty of variety, depending on your palate.
  • There is no added sugar. The Soy variety is also Vegan, so it's great if you can't have, or choose not to have, any dairy in your diet. Just mixing it with water gives it a milky consistency, so it can be lower in calories and more convenient than carrying a milk carton around with you.
  • It contains all the nutrients and electrolytes you need to replenish your body after a long run. It also contains the ideal ratio of protein and carbohydrate to repair and rebuild muscle, thereby lowering recovery time, so you can train again sooner.
  • Updated formula that contains 50% more protein and leucine for a more efficient recovery
  • Doesn't contain Aspartame


  • There is research to suggest that too much soy is not advisable, especially for men, as it contains oestrogen, a female hormone, which is said to affect fertility in men. However, this research is not conclusive, and other studies have shown that, when consumed in amounts that a typical diet would allow, no affects on fertility and sterility are likely. If you are concerned about this, there are whey protein options, or other vegan choices such as hemp protein and pea protein powders available.


Overall, a brilliant product. Your body and mind can rest assured that after a long training session your dietary and nutritional needs are met. Muscle recovery time is noticeably improved, and it prevents muscle twitches and cramps too. It tastes great and is pretty healthy too. I would recommend trying this product to see for yourself, and at £1.85 a sachet, it's no big loss if you don't like it!

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