Injinji Performance Running Toe Socks

Category: Running Socks
Recommended for: use with Vibram FiveFingers shoes or avoiding blisters between toes


  • 70% CoolMax, 25% Nylon, 5% Lycra make the sock a perfectly wicking and snugly fitting partner for your runs
  • 5 toe design provides proper toe alignment for natural feet
  • Protection from blisters and hotspots
  • Comes up in two thicknesses


  • It is a standard size fitting sock. According to the individual you may find that you have more fabric above one of your toes.


  • I really like my Injinji socks. I use them for walking in my Vibrams most of the time. My feet get cold easily otherwise. The shoes can get smelly without them, too. As regards running, it depends on the season of the year and the running I do. I use them for track session always. I get a burning feeling under the bole of my feet without them. It varies for other runs. Sometimes I feel like wearing them, sometimes I leave them at home. They give you a bit of softness while running on gravely paths.
  • The durability is great.
  • Some runners use them as a base layer for ultra-distance races. They put one more sock on the top to lessen the friction and prevent blisters.
  • I had customers buying them to keep their feet warm or to prevent their toes from blistering in between one another.
  • It is a versatile sock, comfortable to wear and looking cute on your feet!

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