High 5 Zero Electrolyte Tablets

Category: Running Drinks
Recommended for: a wide range of sporting activities, with no artificial colours or preservatives.


  • Light and refreshing sports drink with a hint of fruit
  • With Vitamin C and electrolytes, including sodium, magnesium and potassium
  • Zero calories
  • Each tube has 20 tabs


If you are someone who sweats a lot, I would say that you may need to take a whole tab instead of half a tab in about a litre of water, as the sodium content is not too high (this is a positive for me as it takes a 10k for me to sweat!)


Zero is the UK's leading electrolyte sports drink tab. It produces a clean-tasting and highly refreshing drink with zero calories. I have had many flavours of the Zero electrolytes. My favourites are the Berry and the Berry Xtreme (which is a caffeinated version). As I am generally low in iron and do not sweat much I felt the difference in drinking my water with this specific tab in it, as it recovers what I am losing almost instantly! I usually use half a tab in a litre of water and feel this is enough transform my hydration content into a tasty sports drink.

Vitamin C in Zero supports a healthy immune system, protects the cells from oxidative stress, and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Magnesium in Zero contributes to electrolyte balance, reduces tiredness and fatigue, whilst supporting muscle protein synthesis. All in all a very big thank you to High 5 for creating is this piece of art!

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