Compressport Race and Recovery Calf Guards

Compressport Race and Recovery Calf Guards Compressport Race and Recovery Calf Guards

Category: Compression Running Socks
Recommended for: men and women who like a firm hold around tight calves to boost their venous return, reducing the accumulation of toxins while increasing oxygenation to the muscles.


  • Ultra-lightweight fabric optimises heat exchange and wicks away moisture, helping to regulate your body temperature
  • The fabric also provides rigidity and support to muscles, and is designed to reduce shock waves and vibrations
  • Helps the blood circulate more from the feet to the heart
  • Muscles benefit from improved oxygenation, helping to reduce the possibility of cramps and injuries
  • Allows for longer and higher impact sessions with less fatigue and quicker recovery


  • I haven't found one yet!


Compressport Race and Recovery Calf GuardsThe fabric feels very soft yet breathable, and is a tight fit. I wear these compression calf tights all year round. Surprisingly during the winter I don't get too cold whilst wearing these, and during the summer I don't feel too hot in them either. For someone who has big calves I appreciate the extra blood circulation whilst running or cross-training! Each part of the Calf Guards they have a job to do for the runner. Some of which are: Massaging Fibre, Shock Absorber, Recuperation/Recovery, Anti-Fatigue and Ultra Resist. Amazing! I would not recommend for someone to wear these if they have swollen ankles, as they come up quite tight, so ice pack the area so you can get running!

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