Bounce Natural Energy Ball

Bounce Natural Energy BallBounce Natural Energy Ball

Category: Running Bars
Recommended for: Protein Ball after training; Energy Ball pre-training and/or during training.

There are 3 protein energy balls in the range:
Peanut  (49g ball, with 14g of protein)
Almond  (49g ball with 12g of protein)
Coconut and Macadamia  (40g ball with 9g of protein)

The protein (source = whey protein) will help to rebuild your muscles after your run or workout, helping you to get ready for your next training session.

The ingredients are all natural and gluten-free. They taste really good too! The Almond one is really delicious and reminds me of a bakewell slice!  The Peanut one is only mildly peanutty to taste. The Coconut and Macadamia ball tastes wonderful and reminds me of a favourite confectionery bar. All 3 bars are quite firm in texture but won't break your teeth!

There is one nutrition energy ball in the range:
Spirulina and Ginseng  (42g)

It has a low-protein content of 5g so can be eaten as a pre-training snack or during training. As well as being gluten-free it is vegan. It tastes great, is high in fibre and has a softer consistency than the other energy balls.

Having tried these energy balls I can vouch for their effectiveness. They really do sustain energy levels and help to replace protein levels. The fact that they contain all-natural ingredients makes me feel good too.

A fairly new addition to the range is the Cacao mint protein energy ball. For those with any nut allergy, they can be assured that it is nut free. Not having tasted this one yet, I cannot comment on flavour and consistency, but the other energy ball flavours make me hopeful!

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