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Sports Bras. The most fundamental piece of kit for exercising women. Frequently the most frustrating piece of kit to get perfect.

So, time to shed light on what you need from your sports bra. Time to learn that your perfect sports bra does exist.

Running bras are manufactured from breathable materials that wick perspiration away from the skin. This reduces the risk of chafing and gives an altogether more comfortable feel.

Let’s talk through why you need support – no matter what exercise you’re doing – and what to look for in a sports bra. Just press play :-)

Even if you’re just doing light exercise – like yoga or pilates – you will still benefit from a sports bra, just go for a lighter support option.

It can be difficult to determine your bra size correctly. If you are unable to visit one of our stores then check the size of your day to day bra. If it fits well you’ll either be the same size in running bras or a rib cage measurement up and a cup size down, you need to be able expand your lungs comfortably and that can mean you need a fraction more width. If ordering online I’d recommend you purchase two sizes and then return whichever isn’t right.

Like your running shoes, your running bra will not last forever. The elasticity will eventually be lost through use. It is advisable to renew your bra on average every 6 to 12 months. If you are unsure whether your bra needs replacing, try on a new one and see if you can tell the difference in fit and support.

Remember also that your bra size can change over time, due to weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy and age. Don’t just assume you need the same size each time, try the bra on and check it still fits and works perfectly for you. Best of all, visit one of our stores and let our trained bra fitters guide you through our range.

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