Fun tips for training on holiday
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Fun tips for training on holiday

Great ways to spice up your training on holiday. Get fitter, not flabbier.

Holidays, we all love our holidays! But they can be a calorific and lazy time that has you shuddering at the sight on your bathroom scales back home. So, how to have fun and burn off those ice cream calories?

First up pack your running gear! Excuses of no room in your suitcase won't do - as you'll see in my video, the right gear packs up teeny. Just wear your running shoes, or indulge in some lightweights.

Then, whether you're holidaying with friends or family, discover our tips for getting your exercise in by hitting play...

With the sprint training session you can even take your kids, they'll enjoy tearing along. Just make sure you do a gentle warm up for five minutes before you start, or you could end up pulling your hamstring, etc.

Don't forget hydration. If you're flying, going somewhere hot, drinking more than usual (alcohol that is), then High 5 Zero or nuun tablets are the safest way to prevent dehydration and keep you feeling alert when training.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself! Shut down the emails/mobiles forget about work and have fun.

Now, what are your tips for keeping up the exercise on holiday? We want to hear them all, so get sharing below.

Have a great holiday :-)

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