How to Run Comfortably in Hot Weather
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How to Run Comfortably in Hot Weather

Did you feel great after your last run? If not here's how to ...

Summer running, real summer running, is a special treat here in the UK. So, we want to enjoy it not gripe about how we feel too hot / too thirsty / too tired.

If you get back from a hot run and feel tired or out of sorts or just lacking in joie de vivre, chances are you're getting your hydration wrong. There's so much talk of 'drink water' and 'down energy gels' but if the balance is wrong it's going to leave you feeling grumpy not summery.

A little thought and planning about what you put in and on your body is going to pay dividends, keeping you running happily in the sunshine, resulting in increased confidence, better energy, and a fit summer-ready body!

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So, get that hydration and electrolyte balance right, if in doubt pop half a Nuun tablet in a glass of water post exercise and that should basically keep you right - doesn't matter what other gels / energy drinks you're taking.

That said, avoid the sugary so called Sports Drinks. That can't name a brand, don't want to be sued bottle you can buy in your supermarket is not a get-you-running-fast solution, it's a sugar time-bomb.

Then the simple solution of a light running cap to shade your face, sports sunglasses (and they're not a big ££ investment) to shield your eyes from sun and midges, and a decent sweat-wicking running T-shirt, will keep you comfortable.

End result? You'll want to run more, you'll get fitter, and you'll be happy :-)

If you have any news / views / issues you'd like to discuss I'd love to hear from you below....

Happy running

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