The Perfect Gifts for Runners 2017

Be the best gift-giver ever and make your dear ones jump with joy. Or simply treat yourself ;-)

We have fabulous gifts for every runner: whether s/he is a gadget lover, a newbie or an Olympic champion. With our spot-on gift guide you will avoid endless hours of shopping or web browsing and find perfect gifts for their running personalities.

The Techie Runner

The Techie Runner

VO2 max, bone conduction technology, lactate threshold are not Greek to a techie runner.

S/he loves all techie gadgets and is obsessed by the latest running technologies to make running even more effortless.

The Trendy Runner

The Trendy Runner

The trendy runner will never commit a running fashion faux pas, even in the name of performance or moisture-wicking. Head-to-toe colour coordination is a must.

And as s/he is up to date with the latest trends, you won't see this runner tucking in a T-shirt or wearing last season's kit.

The Beginner Runner

The Beginner Runner

Is s/he a newbie who's taken running only recently and needs some encouragement? Or is s/he a seasonal runner who could do with a bit more motivation?

Inspire them with these great gifts and help them discover that running can be even more fun than they ever thought...

The Marathon Runner

The Marathon Runner

His/her middle name is dedication. A marathon runner can't have a week off running, because running is his/her life. Run, eat, sleep, repeat – that's his/her mantra. 

With these gifts you'll see their eyes shining like they've smashed a PB.

Small & Surprising Gifts

Is the runner in your life so unique that he/she doesn't fall into any of these categories?

Be original and give one of these lovely gifts that will melt his/her heart.

Gift Voucher

Still Not Sure?

Then let them choose themselves and present them with a gift voucher.

The voucher can be of any value and you can even select a customised design. Once created the recipient will receive your gift via email to their inbox.

Christmas Deliveries

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