Get Marathon / Half Marathon Ready
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Get Marathon / Half Marathon Ready

So, you’ve got a Marathon or Half coming up, the training’s going well / okay / help-I’m-so-unprepared and race day is looming.

You’re probably starting to get a bit excited but also nervous, maybe feeling a bit apprehensive? Well, a bit of forward planning will boost your confidence and enable you to concentrate on the last weeks of training before the big day.

So, click play to hear my top tips for the lead up to race day...

In brief, here’s your check list. Follow it and you’ll feel better prepared for race day, enabling you to focus on the last bits of training with confidence.

  1. Decide what you’re going to need to carry during the race and how you’re going to do that (check out my top four energy gels and race belts below)
  2. Test your gels on a long run. They’re essential for a marathon if you don’t want to hit the wall!
  3. Get your kit sorted. Pull together your clothing, making sure you’ve got different weather conditions covered. If you need new shorts / T shirts / socks buy them NOW and test on at least one long run.
  4. Are your shoes going to see you through the race or do you need a fresh pair? If so get them NOW to wear in a bit before the day.
  5. Book a Sports Massage  – come on, you deserve that treat :-) Check out the best practitioners in Cardiff, London or Edinburgh.
  6. Plan how you’re getting to the race, when you need to arrive, how long you’re going to be waiting (the bigger the field the earlier you’ll need to arrive and the warmer your pre-start clothing needs to be!)
  7. Decide on pre-race breakfast. Try out a couple of energy bars and see what you enjoy that isn’t too heavy on digestion. If you’re doing a big race you’ll need a pre-race snack.
  8. Feel proud! You’re doing something fantastic, so enjoy it and relish the experience. Smile!

Whatever race you’re doing, have a great time.

Good luck

Top Pre-Race Energy Bars

Clif Bar
Peanut £1.79

Top Race Gels

Maurten Gel 100
Black £2.90

SIS Go Gel Isotonic
Orange £1.40

Top Energy Chews

Clif Shot Bloks
Strawberry £2.89

Top After-Race Recovery

High 5 Zero
Berry £7.00

SIS Rego Rapid Recovery Sachets (NEW FORMULA)
Chocolate £1.85

Top Race Essentials

BodyGlide Original Anti-Chafe Balm 42g

Men's Nip Guards
Neutral £13.00

U.P. Sport Balm - Extra Strong

Top Race Belts

Black/Blue £20.00

Ronhill Race Number Belt
Black £13.00

Injury Care & Massage

Therapearl Sports Hot/Cold Pack
Blue £9.00

Green £13.50

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