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Want to know an easy way to recover from your training and connect with your inner sporting god/goddess? Then read on...

Running is THE BEST way to get fit, clear your mind, and rediscover your better side - cool, calm and collected! But too often we hear customers telling us how they're exhausted after training, or are struggling to cope physically with their running targets.

Often we concentrate so much on the training but forget how important it is to nourish our body - to feel ace after training, not bust.

So, watch the video below to learn how a tiny bit of preparation and thought can make a huge difference to how you feel: during and post workout.

A hydrated body is an energized body, so simply replace your water and mineral loss and you'll feel zing rather than flop. The Nuun tablets are an easy-peasy way to manage your hydration needs.

If you're training for any event that's going to see you exercising over an hour, then give a gel a try. A gel every half an hour is an easy way to get an energy boost and replace minerals.

Post-run you need protein for muscle recovery, as well as electrolyte replenishment. Rego tastes pretty good - like a milkshake - and hits the right balance of protein and carbs for muscle recovery; a glass of Rego will save you from stiff limbs in the morning.

Now, remember, we've all had different experiences, so get sharing and leave a comment below.

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All the best

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  • DinoAugust 9, 2013 at 10:00pm
    Do you recommend any protein supplements after exercise (either running or muscle strengthening exercise)? Reply
    • Shankara SmithAugust 14, 2013 at 8:09am
      Protein is essential to rebuild muscles and tissue post workout. Ideally you want to get a protein and carbs snack in you as soon as possible after your run - within an hour and even better within 20 minutes. You can get this through a balanced diet, but there are some handy sports nutrition snacks for speed and convenience. Check out the Cliff Builders Bars or Balance Bars, or the Rego Powder if you prefer a shake to a bar. Also, have a read of this article, it has loads of handy tips on recovery: Running Recovery Tips Reply
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