Choosing Running Watches and Monitors

All running watches have a stopwatch to time your run; the more advanced (which covers most of our range) have the option of recording splits, countdown for interval and recovery timing, some even have hydration alarms. These features will help you with your speed, consistency and or stamina. If you run laps or do races a watch that records splits enables you to record each with a tap of a button, then review how you performed through the run afterwards.

Running Heart Rate Monitors

If you want to lose weight or work on your fitness, you might consider a heart rate monitor. Runners are returning to HRMs as new research shows that training at a low heart rate, starting slowly and gradually building up the pace whilst maintaining a low heart rate, can really pay off when it comes to racing with big improvements in race times. Also, if you want to lose weight or work on your fitness a heart rate monitor is a great tool. The most basic will tell you your workout's average and maximum heart rate, the more advanced ones calculate your VO2Max, set your heart rate zones and let you work out in a specific zone. It will even create your own workout consisting of several heart rate zones and will alert you if you go outside of them. You'll know how many calories you have burned, or when are you improving your fitness or burning fat.
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Running GPS Watches

A GPS watch not only measures speed and distance, but also acts as a running partner, trainer or 'someone' to race. With most models you can upload and store your workouts at online running communities. You can also build your workout or download a ready made one based on your data and the results you want to achieve. The more advanced models will give you feedback on your running efficiency by measuring your cadence, ground contact or vertical oscillation. They will also give you an approximate recovery time and allow you to choose from a list of different sports to give you sport-specific data. Many of them come as a bundle of watch, heart rate monitor and GPS all in one.
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Handheld Running Stopwatches

Designed with coaches and race directors in mind, handheld stopwatches provide you with a large, easy to read display. All but the most basic models have a lap recording feature, so you can record a number of people crossing the line without stopping the stop watch.
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