Choosing Running Legwear

Our technical fabrics remove perspiration from your skin to prevent uncomfortable chafing caused by the build-up of moisture you get from cotton or other fabrics. As a result they keep you dry so you can enjoy your running for longer. The breathable materials are light and durable. In this section you will find a wide range of products from the standard baggy shorts to wind-stopping lycra tights. All garments are designed to deliver freedom of movement without compromising the performance. Often you will find that lighter fabrics have been used in the areas where heat builds up. Many styles include a handy little key pocket, or reflective details for night-time running.


Super lightweight and breathable; all have a mesh brief (which you can always cut out if you don’t want it), some kind of zip pocket, and some substitute the briefs for lightweight lycra shorts to eliminate any chance of chafing. For women there are also skorts – skirt and shorts combined. Racing shorts for men are the lightest, most minimal running shorts.

Lycra Shorts, Capris & Tights

The lycra mix fabrics used in these garments are soft, light and moisture wicking. All have a zip pocket at the back to hold keys / phone. They are flattering and provide complete freedom of movement. The shorts and capris (3/4 tights) are comfortable in mild to hot weather. Tights provide protection in cooler weather and the slightly fleeced inner layer of the winter tights keep you at the right temperature even on the coldest runs.

Running Trousers

Here you’ll find windproof trousers (to go over lycra tights or shorts), Tracksters (light weight, slim fitting leggings that suit those not keen on form-fitting tights) and some slim exercise pants.


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