Choosing Running Injury Care & Massage

Blister Protection

If you’re running long distance or in hot conditions, chances are you’ll experience the odd blister or uncomfortable friction. The anti-chafe balms are mild on the skin and very effective at limiting friction rubs. The blister plasters protect your skin brilliantly and stay put even when you’re sweating heavily.
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Hot & Cold Packs

Use an ice pack after every race and hard run and you’ll see your recovery time shorten dramatically! Store in your freezer and use whilst eating your dinner. Some are designed to fit round knees / shins, etc. easily, others can be used on any area and secured with a cord or towel.
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Muscle Recovery & Massage Aids

The next best thing to having a physio on call and a good bit cheaper! These tools enable you to self-massage tight muscles; used regularly they are extremely effective at releasing tension and speeding up recovery. If you’re a slacker on stretching then a quick roll on the Grid will keep your muscles and tendons happy.
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Supports & Tape

The neoprene material used in ankle, knee, etc. supports will keep your muscles and tendons warm as well as supported, providing good support whilst you recover from an injury, follow the measurement instructions to get the right size. The tape enables you to strap specific areas that you’re concerned about injury wise or which simply need a bit of support.
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