Choosing Running Backpacks

Getting the best fit for your build is crucial to running happily with a backpack. The contents of your bag shouldn’t assault your back; they need to sit snugly, at one with you and your running motion.

Running backpacks come in different volumes and fits, including women's specific. They are designed to be light and sit nicely on your shoulders without digging in anywhere, stabilised on your body by chest and waist straps. So, you just need to discover which running backpack is perfect for your needs.

For a breakdown of what’s on offer and how to weigh up the different brands just hit play :-)

I need to carry personal effects and a bit of clothing (8Lt - 12Lt)

I need to carry non-bulky clothing & shoes (12Lt - 18Lt)

I need to carry clothing, shoes and more (20Lt - 32Lt)

If you’re racing rather than commuting there are some great new running vests available which provide a balanced load and ready access to fluid and nutrition. These aren’t covered in the video – too much to cover in one clip – but you can see all the hydration packs & race vests here »

Thanks for reading and watching, do pop in store for advice and fitting if you’re local, otherwise the individual write ups for each bag should help you make the right decision – or leave me a comment below and I’ll be happy to get back to you smartish.

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