How to Choose Junior Running Shoes
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How to Choose Junior Running Shoes

Are you in the dark when it comes to finding the best running shoes for your child? We put the spotlight on finding the best Junior Running Shoes.

With the long bank holiday weekend recently, we've had a lot of parents bringing their kids into the shop for kids' running shoes and spikes. It's great to see their little faces light up as they try on all the different shoes.

As with adults, it's very important to make sure that children have expert advice when choosing running shoes. After all... they are our junior athletes!

So they deserve the best in junior running shoes and also the best junior running spikes available. This doesn't mean that as a parent you have to pay the earth! When I say 'the best', I mean the best fit for their individual needs.

For instance, if your little one is sprouting up fast, then knowing how much support he/she needs is incredibly important.


Watch this video to get the answer to this and other key points.

We are all hearing and seeing, how children's lives are becoming more sedentary these days. Of course nutrition plays a huge part in this, but lack of exercise can create a lot of problems, including lack of focus and ultimately obesity.

So let's celebrate our junior athletes and give them every encouragement.

Here are a few commonly asked questions and the useful links that answer them in detail:

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I hope this has helped answer some of your questions. Please share this post with other parents/children that you know through school or running clubs, so the simple joy of running as a child can spread to every little pair of feet ;)

Looking forward to the next generation of fit, healthy and happy people :)
Happy fun time running!

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