Boost Your Run with Caffeine
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Boost Your Run with Caffeine

Ever got the Employee of the Month at the local coffee house and you don't even work there? I read this online recently, and chuckled. Everyone who works with me knows that I don't function until after the first (the most important) coffee of the day.

But how can coffee help you with your training?

Well, a perfectly brewed cortado, (espresso with the perfect amount of hot milk) can be a little tricky to come by when three quarters through a marathon...

Enter: Caffeinated Gels!

There's a great variety of brands. Which tastes and works the best? Press play to find the answer:

A little extra shot of caffeine can definitely help not only with your race time, but also to make the experience more fun / less painful.

But please remember to drink water too! Otherwise you will be cursing me when your tummy cramps up.

Wishing you a wizzzzzingly fast next run ;)

Buy a Triple Shot – Explode down the street!

SIS Go + Caffeine Gel
Double Expresso £1.15 £1.80

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High 5 Energy Gel + Caffeine
Orange £1.30

Buy a Single Shot – Perk up

Clif Shot Bloks
Berry £2.70

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