Best Running Kit for Summer 2018

For most of us summer is the best part of the year. Longer days with shorter nights give us plenty of running opportunities. But what to wear when the temperature is rising, to stay comfortable and make the most out of your summer running?  

With the right kit, specifically designed to keep you cool and dry, you will not only avoid getting scorched, but you will also look great! Our Run and Become clothing experts have picked the best pieces for summer 2018, so check them out...

Running T-shirts

Running T-Shirts

Soft moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable is a must. Putting on one of these great looking tees will add some more excitement to your training schedule. And let's be honest, on those hot days when you want just to lie on the beach or enjoy a BBQ with your friends, any running motivation counts...

Running shorts

Running Shorts

At Run and Become we've got a big selection of running shorts of different lengths and styles, so everyone can find a favourite, depending how much leg muscle you want to show off :-)

Running vest

Running Vests

Want to feel breeze on your back or get some suntan on your shoulders? Then go for a running vest, but don't forget your suntan lotion. Our vests with special cooling technology and high wicking properties will help you to beat your PB, no matter how hot it is.

Running waist pack

Summer Running Accessories

While you can go quite minimalist with your summer running apparel, as for running accessories it's better to have more than less; especially if you don't want to suffer from dehydration or a sunburn. So before you set off, make sure you are all sorted for sun protection (running caps, running sunglasses) and hydration (bottle belts, hydration vests)

Running Bra

Running Bras

We girls need these all year round. (Do you know yet that your bra shouldn’t outlast your running shoes? It’s true!) There are some new styles and updates of favourites in pretty colours for summer. Each of our shops now has bra fitters trained by Moving Comfort, so next time you visit us please ask for help. It’s important your running bra fits as well as your shoes.

And no matter what summer gear you go for, I wish you all the best with your summer running adventures! :-)

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