Best Running Kit: Spring 2021
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Best Running Kit: Spring 2021

The long-awaited spring is here! And it brings new hope, new joy and lots of wonderful running opportunities.

As with every season, we’ve picked the best clothing and accessories for you. They offer excellent breathability, ultimate comfort, and freedom-of-movement so that you can enjoy your spring running to the fullest. Ta-da! These are our top picks…

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Running T-Shirts

Spice up the spring season with a new running T-shirt. These top-quality tees are all very lightweight, moisture-wicking and super comfortable.

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Women's Ronhill Tech Marathon Tee
Blue/Purple £40.00

Very breathable and high-wicking. Super-soft, high-stretch, seamless knit construction for zero chafing.

Women's On Active Breath Tee
Navy £60.00

Extra soft and comfortable to wear in any weather condition. Super-light, premium fabric will keep you fresh all day.

Women's Odlo Run Easy Tee
Red Melange £30.00

Lightweight with enhanced moisture management. Stays fresh thanks to sustainable, anti-odour ZeroScent technology.
Women's Ronhill Tech Marathon Tee
Men's Ronhill Tech Marathon Tee

Men's Ronhill Tech Marathon Tee
Black/Blue £40.00

Super-soft, high-stretch seamless knit for zero chafing. Body-mapping design with special ventilation areas.

Men's Ronhill Life Tee
Green/Grey £32.00

High-quality, breathable, moisture-wicking fabric will help to prevent you from overheating or getting wet / cold from sweating.

Men's Montane Dragon HZ Tee
Blue/Navy £42.00

Comfy tee with superior moisture management. POLYGIENE® treatment keeps it odour-free for longer.

Running Shorts & Compression Tights

We are so excited that the popular Skins compression gear is back at Run and Become. Try out targeted compression for reduced fatigue and increased performance.

This season we’ve got a fantastic selection of running shorts. You can choose out of many styles: 2‑in‑1 shorts, loose shorts, lycra shorts or racing shorts.

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Running Legwear

Women's Skins Skyscraper Tights Series 3
Burgundy £100.00

Engineered with a medium level of compression to enhance blood-flow and muscle support. Great for running, strength training, and also yoga & pilates.

Women's Ronhill Tech Marathon Twin Shorts
Black £50.00

These ever-popular twin shorts are super-technical and packed with features & storage options to help you feel like you can run forever.

Women's Brooks Chaser 5in Twin Shorts
Teracotta £55.00

These beautifully designed twin shorts are not only comfortable but also very practical, thanks to multiple storage options.

Men's Skins Long Tights Series 3
Black £100.00

These high-performance tights offer compression support for the calves, glutes, quads and hamstrings, whilst reducing exercise-induced muscle damage.

Men's Brooks Sherpa 5in Shorts
Navy £50.00

Updated modern design allows maximum leg movement. Centre back zip pocket fits a phone, plus two oversized hip pockets to fit other essentials.

Men's Ronhill Tech Marathon Twin Shorts
Black £50.00

Perfect bottoms for a longer distance, thanks to their breathability and multiple storage options in 5 pockets.

Long Sleeve Running Tops & Jackets

Even in spring a warmer layer may sometimes come in handy. So how about getting a lightweight long sleeve running top? You can either wear it on its own as a base layer or use it as a second layer that can be rolled up easily or tied around your waist once you warm up. Or you might prefer a lightweight spring jacket. The choice is yours…

Long Sleeve Running Tops  /  Windproof Running Jackets

Women's Brooks Canopy Jacket

Women's Ronhill Tech Tornado Jacket
White/Black £75.00

Exceptionally light, ultra-breathable and with premium grade wind shell technology. Venting across the back and stretch woven panels for comfort.

Women's Brooks Dash Half Zip Top
Pink £50.00

This incredibly soft top is made with recycled fabric equal to 14 plastic water bottles. DriLayer® fabric wicks away sweat to keep you comfortable and dry.

Women's Ronhill Tech Top
Blue £35.00

Good wicking and evaporation fabric makes it a perfect choice for spring / summer if you need a long sleeve but don't want to overheat during your run.
Men's Brooks Dash Top

Men's Ronhill Tech Tornado Jacket
Peacoat/Black £75.00

The epitome of functionality for almost every running occasion. Exceptionally light with a perfect balance of breathability and wind-resistance.

Men's On Performance Top
Dark £70.00

Extremely lightweight with a fabric that is gorgeously soft on your skin. It would be hard to find a running top that is more comfortable than this one.

Men's Brooks Dash Half Zip Top
Blue £50.00

DriLayer® fabric wicks away sweat to keep you comfortable and dry, while underarm mesh panels and a front zipper to help maintain an ideal temperature.

Running Underwear

Girls, did you know yet that your bra shouldn’t outlast your running shoes? It’s true! So to protect your breasts from the impact caused by your training, make sure you have a quality running bra. Thanks to sports underwear, every male or female runner can now benefit from increased comfort during any sports activity. We've got also a good selection of  men's boxers or briefs, and women's briefs and period pants. Check them out...

Running Bras  /  Running Underwear

Brooks Running Bras

Women's Brooks Drive Interlace Bra C/D
Teracotta £40.00

Shock-absorbing technology for your security. Beautiful design. Run-ready compression to reduce motion.

Women's Brooks Drive Convertible Bra
Rosewater £45.00

Run-ready compression support. Wear it your way, thanks to adjustable back straps and the ability to switch between scoop back and racerback.

Women's Wuka Period Pants Heavy
Black £25.00

Enjoy ultra-hygienic and luxuriously comfortable periods that are eco-friendly. Wear it up to 8 hours on light days, 4-6 hours on your heavy days or all night.

Men's Ronhill Boxers 4.5in
Black £18.00

Engineered shaped pouch for maximum support. Soft, highly breathable, anti-chafe, odour-resistant, eco-conscious fabric.

Men's Odlo Performance Light Bottom Boxers
Grey £26.00

The perfect sports underwear for your active summer. Super breathable for year-round comfort.

Men's Ronhill Briefs
Black £16.00

Constructed with high-wicking, eco-conscious fabric. The ventilation and the technical construction of the pouch offers the greatest support.

Running Gadgets

Whether you jog in a local park or train for a marathon (or a half or an ultra), these running gadgets will make your running smoother and more enjoyable. A new GPS watch will monitor your achievements and guide you through your training. With Aftershokz headphones you can run to the rhythms of your favourite music and still stay safe. And electric massage tools will relax your sore muscles.

Running Headphones  /  Running GPS & Watches  /  Electric Massagers

Aftershokz Running Headphones

Garmin Forerunner 745
Black £400.00

It’s built to hold up to 200 runs, bumpy bike rides and long swims.

Polar Grit X Multisport Watch
White £379.00

One of the lightest outdoor multisport watches. Ultra-long battery life.

Flow Mini Massage Gun
Black/Blue £149.00

A fast, easy, and enjoyable way to release muscle pain and trigger points.

Aftershokz Aeropex Headphones
Grey £120.00 £150.00

The lightest open-ear headphones to date. 8 hours music + calls. Waterproof.

Pulseroll Vibrating Foam Roller
Black £100.00

Helps to reduce muscle tightness and next day soreness after your training.

Running Caps, Visors & Sunglasses

Protect your eyes and face from sunrays. These lightweight running caps and visors are made of breathable, quick-drying fabric. The sunglasses are ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities such as running, cycling, track and field etc.

Running Caps  /  Running Visors  /  Running Sunglasses

Ciele Caps

Sunwise Waterloo Photochromic Sunglasses
Gold £79.99

Photochromic lenses – light-reacting, anti-glare, anti-fog, water-repellent, impact-resistant.

Sunwise Kennington Sunglasses
Black £40.00

These come with 4 sets of interchangeable lenses for the best visibility in different light conditions.

Sunwise Swirl Sunglasses
Brown £19.00

The Sunwise Lifestyle range offers retro shades with fashionable British-inspired designs.

Ronhill Air-Lite Split Cap
Blue £18.00

Comes in different colours. Super lightweight and breathable. Split peak for ease of storage.

Ciele GOCap SC
Black/Grey £35.00

Made from recycled plastic bottles. Lightweight. Pliable. Bendable. Packable.

Odlo Visor Cap Ceramicool Light
White £20.00

CERAMICOOL technology on the forehead band actively cools your skin by up to 1°C.

More Running Accessories

Wait a moment! There’s more… With our extensive range of accessories you will be ready head-to-toe for your spring adventures. Running backpacks to carry your essentials, socks to keep your feet comfortable and prevent blisters, face masks to help keep you protected, and nutrition to energise your body.

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Feetures Running Socks

OMM Ultra 12L Running Backpack
Blue £55.00

Ideal for running in the city or out there in the wild. Bladder compatible.

Feetures Elite Light Cushion No Show Socks
Blue/Black £13.00

A mid-weight sock, anatomically designed to cushion and support the foot.

Trere Community Face Mask
Blue £15.00

A lightweight, ergonomically shaped, properly breathable face mask.

Nuun Sport Tabs
Lemon Lime £7.00

Replenish electrolytes that you loose when exercising.

Maurten Gel 100 Box
White/Black £32.40

Built with six natural ingredients, and no colourants or preservatives.

Active Root Gel Mix Tub 300g
Cacao, Peppermint and Ginger £14.00

The natural alternative to single-use gels. Easy to digest – thanks to ginger.

Happy spring running!

Photos courtesy of Brooks, Ronhill, Aftershokz, Ciele & Feetures.

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