Best Minimal & Low Heel-Drop Running Shoes 2020
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Best Minimal & Low Heel-Drop Running Shoes 2020

Natural Running or Minimalist Running as advocated by running form analysts such as Chi Running Instructors, lessens our dependency on highly cushioned, supportive running shoes.

For a runner to achieve their best running results they need to run efficiently. Building good running form technique is essential for this, minimal and low heel drop running shoes encourage this progression and  feel lighter and more flexible than their normal road running counterparts.

All Minimal Running shoes have a lower heel drop than conventional running shoes which are typically around 12mm higher than the forefoot. In minimal running shoes the offset is between zero and 6mm to discourage heavy landing at the heel and move you towards a more mid-foot or forefoot strike.

Our range of options cover Zero Drop fully cushioned models to lighter and firmer low heel drop running shoes. So you can choose the model that will offer the right level of protection for your running style.

Cushioned Road Running / Low-Profile / Trail Running

Best Minimal & Low Heel-Drop

Cushioned Road Running Shoes

Men's Saucony Kinvara 11
Blue/Black £115.00

This very light but fully cushioned minimal shoe has a 4mm offset (heel to toe difference), designed for a neutral runner. The FORMFIT footbed flexes beautifully and the shoe is very comfortable.

Women's Saucony Kinvara 11
Aqua/Blue £115.00

This is a lightweight but fully cushioned minimal shoe with a 4mm offset. The EVERUN cushioning is so comfortable but you do need a neutral stride for this to work for you.

Men's Altra Paradigm 4.5
Grey/White £109.00 £130.00

A very supportive, zero drop running shoe with a 30mm stack height, so it provides plenty of cushioning along with the support.

Women's Altra Paradigm 4.5
Teal £109.00 £130.00

The only minimal shoe here that has GuideRails and Stabilipods to support against over-pronation. So this is the most supportive minimal shoe, with substantial cushioning.

Men's Altra Torin 4.0
Black/Red £120.00

A cushioned zero heel-drop running shoe for those with a neutral running gait. The stack height is 26mm for good cushioning which still provides decent proprioception.

Women's Altra Torin 3.5 Knit
Teal £90.00 £120.00

A flexible, comfortable zero-drop platform running shoe. The foot-shaped toe box allows your toes to spread as nature intended, which aids balance and lessens the likelihood of foot injury.

Women's Brooks PureFlow 7
Black/White £90.00

The Pureflow has a reputation as a well-cushioned minimal shoe that’s good for long mileage and has a very comfortable fit. It has a 4mm offset.

Men's Brooks PureFlow 7
Black/White £90.00

The sophisticated BioMoGo DNA cushioning makes for a well-cushioned minimal shoe, and although it is designed for a neutral foot strike it has a bit more stability round the back of the heel than its closest competitor: Saucony Kinvara.

Best Minimal & Low Heel-Drop

Low-Profile Running Shoes

Men's On Cloud X
Black/Grey £130.00

This light, 218g shoe has a springboard for a great take-off and deep flex grooves for natural range of motion.

Women's On Cloud X
Sand/Rose £130.00

A very light, 185g shoe with firm but springy cushioning, great flexibility through the stride and a 6mm offset.

Men's Altra Escalante 2.0
Blue/Black £120.00

A light and smooth zero drop shoe with a 24mm stack height. It has a broad toe box to mimic the shape of our feet and encourage the toes to spread as they were designed to.

Women's Altra Escalante 2.0
Berry/Coral £120.00

Women’s Altra shoes have 10 fit differences to the men’s and are truly built for us. This is a light and smooth zero-drop shoe with a 24mm stack height (depth of the midsole).

Best Minimal & Low Heel-Drop

Trail Running Shoes

Men's Saucony Peregrine 10
Steel £110.00

One of our bestselling trail running shoes, it has a 4mm offset and a fairly slim midsole (22.5mm at heel) yet packs a punch in the cushioning department thanks to PWRFoam midsole.

Women's Saucony Peregrine 10
Black/Red £110.00

This trail shoe feels great under foot; nicely flexible with very effective cushioning, and the grip is highly effective – rare for a hybrid road-to-trail running shoe.

Men's Altra Lone Peak 4.5
Grey/Orange £120.00

A zero-drop, sturdy, aggressively gripped, proper trail running shoe. It performs brilliantly on hilly, muddy, tough trail courses.

Men's Altra King MT 1.5
Grey/Yellow £90.00 £120.00

A super grippy trail-to-fell running shoe. The Vibram Megagrip outer sole works a treat on the most challenging of terrains. Being Altra, this is a zero-drop shoe, and it’s also low-profile.

Men's Inov-8 TrailTalon 235
Blue/Navy £97.00 £115.00

This is your truly minimal, lightweight trail shoe. The grip is reliable on wet and dry ground, and the low profile gives great ground contact on uneven terrain, so you’ll have complete confidence with every stride.

Men's Inov-8 Roclite 290 G Grip
Grey/Blue £120.00

If you want a little more under-foot protection, the Roclite is a popular option. It has a hard-wearing Graphene outer sole, can cope with virtually any terrain except extremely muddy, and has firm but effective cushioning.

Women's Inov-8 Roclite 290 G Grip
Navy/Pink £120.00

This comfortable but durable trail shoe has grip that works on anything from wet rock to mud and hard packed trails. The Powerflow midsole provides enough cushioning without losing ground contact.

Inov-8 Mudclaw 275
Black/Silver £110.00

This is a seriously minimal off-trail running shoe, with a 4mm offset and 8mm deep lugs that grip like claws in the mud. It is super flexible and light for a trail shoe at 275g.
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