Best Budget Running Shoes: December 2018

Decent running shoes don’t come cheap. They’re built to withstand all the punishment we put them through. Up to five times your body weight goes through the shoe with each running step. Their mission is to cushion and protect our legs and keep them in the correct alignment while at the same time being comfortable and fitting well.

At Run and Become we try to keep your budget in mind when we fit you out. There are several good options at the cheaper end of the scale and here are just a few of them.

It's always advisable to come into  one of our stores to get a proper shoe fitting so we can make sure you end up with a suitable shoe for your foot strike.

Best Budget Neutral Road Running Shoes

If your arches stay straight when you run, you could consider these:

  • Saucony Jazz: Saucony's Jazz neutral road running shoe has been a stalwart of their range for many years. Its breathable engineered mesh upper is seam free with internal support straps for a comfy, adaptable and secure fit. The SSL EVA midsole offers lightweight, springy shock absorption to protect your legs and energise your run as you put away the miles.
  • Brooks Revel: A stylish design that still offers plenty of technical merit. The BioMogo DNA midsole offers good shock absorption and an engineered flat knit mesh upper that moulds to the foot offers a breathable and comfy fit.

Best Budget Anti-Pronation Road Running Shoes

If your arches roll to the inside when you run, take a look at these:

  • Asics Phoenix: The Phoenix is a takedown of Asics popular GT1000 road running shoes. Gel cushioning absorbs impact. A firmer wedge on the inside combined with a plastic trusstic through the middle of the outsole work together to prevent the arch from collapsing.
  • Brooks Vapor: Vapor is made from the same mould as the phenomenally popular Adrenaline GTS 13. The progressive diagonal rollbar on the inside offers very strong anti-pronation control and the BioMogo DNA midsole cushions your landing. A bit pricier but well worth it.
  • Adidas Solar Drive ST: Featuring Adidas' super bouncy Boost cushioning to propel you forwards. A StableFrame supports the foot and keeps it in the upright position. Solar drive St offers the ideal mixture of spring and stability.

Best Budget Trail Running Shoes

When you want to leave the road behind you and venture into the countryside:

  • Salomon Trailster: Contragrip rubber on the outsole and a 5mm deep tread to give you traction in the wet and dry. More room in the forefoot than some other Salomon shoes so it fits wider feet more comfortably. Your toes are protected from bumps by a reinforced toe guard and a mudguard keeps out mud to a certain depth. Salomon Trailster is a quality trail shoe at a reasonable price.
  • Salomon Sense Escape: With the sense Escape, Salomon have produced a shoe that combines the comfort and cushioning of a road running shoe with the off-road grippiness of a trail shoe. Vibe technology in the heel filters out vibrations to protect you legs and a Sensift upper ensures a snug fit and feel. The Wet traction Contragrip outsole material is sticky enough to give you purchase on wet roads or rocks and a 4mm lug bites into soft, wet ground to reduce slipping. Sense Escape is a good quality technical trail running shoe at a decent price point.

Best Budget Barefoot Running Shoes

How low can you go? Barefoot shoes let you get in touch with the terrain. Adjust to a shorter stride, try and land on your midfoot or forefoot and most of all build up slowly if you want to give barefoot running a go:

  • Vibram FiveFingers KSO Evo: The KSO’s very thin and flexible sole allows you to run, walk or train in the gym as if there was nothing on your feet. You can move each toe individually which helps with balance and helps you stay sensitive to the ground. A stretchy upper and lock-down laces for a secure fit.
  • Vibram FiveFingers El-X: The same minimal sole and elasticated mesh as the KSO but the absence of laces make the El-X a cheaper option. A wide opening for your foot helps you get it on and off easily.

So you don't have to break the bank to get a fantastic pair of running shoes.

Happy expense-free running!

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  • Byron RussellJune 4, 2016 at 9:19am
    I was thinking more of £30. The lowest prices you're quoting would buy me a pair of Church's. Or three months gym membership. Reply
    • Bhashini NeveJune 6, 2016 at 12:51pm
      Hi Byron,

      Yes, I know it seems steep compared to other things but that's the recommended retail price on running shoes these days.

      When I started this job 20 years ago, you could get a halfway decent running shoe for £30 but this has changed largely due to the implementation of humane working practices in the factories in the far east which means the shoes are now made by adults who are getting paid a living wage for their work.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Bhashini Reply
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