Maximise Your Running Potential

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Maximise Your Running Potential

With Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Meryl Cooper

What if you could feel more consistent in your running training and have many more good days than bad days? This really is the key to maximising your running potential. This is what Meryl helps people to do through simple healthy eating and lifestyle shifts. This workshop will give you 1 hour to really tune in to your own body, to learn what it needs to function at its best and strategies to get more consistency in your training.

Through this engaging workshop focused on health and running, you will learn:

  • How to get consistent and stay consistent with your health and running goals
  • What to eat so you can be at your best and recover well from your training
  • What an integrative nutrition approach to health is, and why it is the way forward
  • How to set achievable goals and keep on track with them

About Meryl

Meryl Cooper is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, NLP Coach and ultra-running coach. She has also represented Great Britain in ultra-trail running. Meryl has 13 years of teaching experience prior to starting her own Health Coaching business. She now works 1-to-1 and in small groups to deliver highly personalised and holistic health coaching programmes so people can make positive mindset and lifestyle shifts that last for a lifetime. Her clients increase their energy levels, eradicate digestive issues, restore balance in the important areas of their lives and develop a positive and sustainable relationship with food. She promotes going back to a traditional whole foods diet and nourishing ourselves in areas of ‘Primary Food’ such as our career, relationships, spirituality and physical activity.

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