Keep it Cool with Odlo CeramiCool

Just in time for your spring/summer training and racing. Meet the latest active cooling garment technology on the market: CeramiCool by Odlo, an international performance sports and underwear brand that has pioneered new fabric technology development since 1946.

With Odlo CeramiCool running gear, you will not only look cool but also feel cool, no matter how fast you run :-)

One degree makes all the difference

  • Odlo CeramiCool fabric is proven to reduce skin temperature by up to 1°C thanks to ceramic articles with excellent thermal conduction properties that are incorporated into the garment yarn and actively cool down the skin.
  • The yarn's unique surface area creates small air channels which quickly transfers body heat away from the skin.
  • The lightweight, low bulk of the yarn increases breathability and ventilation to boost cooling airflow.
  • What's more, all CeramiCool products also include comprehensive UV protection.

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