Running Away From Pain, November 3rd 2014

We had one of those really special events recently. Georgie Oldfield MCSP, a Chartered Physiotherapist and founder of SIRPA, gave a talk about the causes and cures for Chronic Pain.

Georgie's work is really on the cutting edge of a new way of thinking. Basically, I'll try my best to explain it; it is based on the idea that reactions in the body are often caused by emotional responses in the brain. Regarding to running, the often niggling knee pain, or 'perceived' injury that never gets better is triggered by an emotional pressure - a build up of anxiety, or anger towards someone, or some sort of stress build up - it could come from anything. When these become too much the body takes some of that pressure and we feel that as pain. We assume we must have an injury but in reality there is no actual physical injury.

Georgie has worked with many people, a number of athletes included, and she has had remarkable success. Some people's lives had become so debilitating and after trying so hard with so many doctors had found no answers. Then when they find Georgie, often after a few weeks of her help, all symptoms have disappeared. The beauty with what Georgie is doing is empowering people to realize how the body, brain and emotions work together and how we can allow our bodies to heal themselves.

I highly recommend buying her book Chronic Pain - Your Key To Recovery or having a free 15 minute session with her. If you are suffering from a persistent injury or chronic pain then she can really help you.

Go to her website:

She is such a wonderful person as well. A great speaker with a great sense of humour. Everyone loved what she shared with us.

Thank you Georgie!

We will ask her to come back to the shop again next year so if you're interested look out for her next talk on our website.

Sahadeva Torpy

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