2012 Olympics: Day 7

Events watched: morning rowing, evening athletics

Performance of Day

When we realised we had tickets for the rowing on the morning that Kath Grainger was going for Gold after getting Silver in the last 3 Olympics we were pretty excited to say the least! We packed our Saltire in our bag and took ourselves to Eton Dorney where the rowing took place. All the other tickets we have are for athletics so it was brilliant and quite fascinating to see a sport live that we usually only see on TV every 4 years.

British Performance of Day

Jess Ennis in the 200m! She had gone down to 2nd after the shot put but you knew she could get the overnight lead in the 200m. Which she did in style with a stunning 200m in under 23 seconds!

Most Inspiring Performance

Jo Pavey and Julia Bleasdale in the 10k. Usually only the medalists do a lap of honour, but the 2 British runners both ran personal bests and then quite rightly got themselves a flag and took off together on a lap of honour. It was lovely to see Jo Pavey, who nearly qualified for the marathon, come back to the track and get a PB at the age of 38.

Most Exciting Volunteer Job

They've been called the Games Makers: the purple clad brigade of volunteers who do everything from checking tickets and giving directions to the tiny details that make the entire Olympic Games run smoothly. As a spectator, every now and again I see a volunteer job that makes me smile and think 'that would be a cool job!' There were a group of them today who had the task of sitting in the area where the rowers medal ceremony are and holding their boats while the ceremonies take place! They were sat there all through the races as well, giving them a front row seat for the action. I was also fascinated to see that the rowers get back in their boat after their TV interviews and row to their medal ceremony, before going off on a 'lap of honour' past all the stands.

Loudest Moment

You might think this would be Kath Grainger and Anna Watkins winning but at the rowing I think the biggest cheer went to Alan Campbell in the single sculls. He was in 4th coming into he last 500m and I guess the crowd realised he needed every inch he could get and roared him on to the Bronze. It was at that point you realised there really is some truth in all the talk of home crowd advantage. Alan also got the prize for most emotional on the medal rostrum as he showed that a Bronze can mean just as much as a Gold.

First impressions of Olympic Park

The place is bedlam! It's very well organised bedlam and everyone is thrilled to be there but there are people everywhere, queues for everything from getting into the Olympic megastore to filling your water bottle and watching the big screen. The much talked about security was actually a breeze compared to a lot of airports and the army crew that were staffing it were friendly, polite and efficient. They even suggested where we could hide the sun screen that wasn't allowed in, so that we could collect it on the way out.

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