Cypren Edmunds, Coach & Personal Trainer

Twitter: @uktrack


Cypren was one of the UK's top sprinters in the 90s, just under international standard, and moved on to be a GB Sprints and Jumps Coach. He also works as a trainer for us lesser mortals! He'll improve your speed, strength, core stability and flexibility, and most importantly he's a very nice guy. You won't be intimidated and you will get faster.

Qualified as a fitness trainer since 2001 after success as a athletics sprinter (former Scottish national champion in 1996 at 200m). Accredited British Athletics in 'Sprints and Hurdles'.

“You don’t have to be an international athlete to be fit: we all have the ability. Whether you want to lose weight, hike over hills, improve your technique in the pool, or take time off your 5k (or maybe all of the above!) we can assess where you are at and help you to reach your goal.”
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