DASH Running Lab: High Tempo Class
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DASH Running Lab: High Tempo Class


Thursday 2nd December

8:30am - 9:15am


Please wear comfortable clothing / gym wear (shorts / sports trousers and t-shirts / vests). These sessions are normally held inside our London shop – we are now holding them online during this unusual time.

To book: complete the form below, and we will send you your Zoom login and some joining details.

Made to make you run faster.

Designed and instructed by track athletes the DASH Running Labs help to re-educate the basic skills of running – teaching rhythm & power, and improving reaction. All of this will enable you to run faster for longer, effortlessly.

This class will last around 30mins and focus on strength, speed and balance. A high tempo class designed specifically for runners!

Whether you’re training for a marathon or about to start running for the very first time, DASH is suitable for all levels.

Dash Team London

Sarada Nag

Sarada NagFounder of DASH. Sarada is a 400m track athlete, still competing nationally for Thames Valley Harriers. She is coached by the legendary Ron Roddan (you may have heard he coached Linford Christie to Olympic Gold) so it’s safe to say she's picked up a thing or two, particularly about running form and being quick off the mark.

Jordan Smith-Bent

Jordan Smith-BenJordan is a 100m and 200m professional track athlete coached by Linford Christie and runs DASH PT. He can show you how to make running feel like you’re flying – with surprisingly little effort. He can demonstrate which muscles to engage to get you flying high.

Laurence Owen

Laurence OwenLaurence is a 100m sprinter and long jumper who is also coached by Ron Roddan and competes at National level. Laurence is actually a pro when it comes to strength & conditioning and plyometrics, he can actually show you how to generate power so you feel like you’re flying.

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