Sport and Meditation


Tuesday 29th November 2016

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Run and Become, 4a Eccleston Street, London, SW1W 9LN


Although today’s world class athletes may have reached the current physical limits of the human body, the spiritual resources hidden deeper within still remain untapped.

This inspirational talk, led by Karteek Clarke, 11-time Channel Swimmer and Ultra Distance Runner, explores both the inner and outer aspects of sport – a dimension that enables us to enhance our physical performance but also makes our satisfaction from sport deep and lasting.

“Sport has a secret. It can become an open door to your unimaginable inner potential. Meditation is an adventurous journey to your unlimited source. With a focused mind, calm emotions and the right attitude, the intensity, the flow and the joy experience in sport can become meditation.”

About Karteek

After completing his first English Channel swim in 1997 Karteek ClarkeKarteek vowed never to do it again. Since then he as made a total of 11 successful crossings, each one without a wetsuit and in times ranging from 11 to 19 hours.

Karteek has also run a number of marathons, ultra-marathons and multi-day races, including two 10-day races in New York.

He is a keen advocate of meditation, which he feels offers everyone a way to tap into the tremendous reserves of strength and energy that they have deep inside themselves.

Sahadeva Aaron Torpy
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