Heart Rate Training Zones with Polar


Tuesday 12th September 2017

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Run and Become, 4a Eccleston Street, London, SW1W 9LN


Polar M430Run and Become are teaming up with Polar to offer a ‘heart rate training session’ in St James’s Park using the M430 Polar watch.

Sports training is based on three variables: frequency, duration and workout intensity. Frequency is easy to understand: it’s how many times you exercise per period of time. Duration is simple too: it’s how long you exercise at a time, usually counted in minutes.

Defining workout intensity, however, is a bit more complicated – and that’s where the heart rate zones come in. Your heart rate is one of the best indicators of how hard your body is working during a workout. Heart rate zones are closely linked to your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds. During this training session, using the Polar M340 watch, we will cover the 5 heart rate zones.

Polar M430This event will start with a short seminar by Tom Craggs, one of the UK's most in demand young coaches, sharing training techniques specifically targeted towards the 5 different heart rate zones. This will be followed by a brief lesson on how to use the M430 Polar watch. Then Tom will lead everyone out to St James’s Park for a one hour interval training session.

  • Polar goody bags for everyone attending this event
  • 15% off all Polar watches purchased at this event
  • A chance to win a Polar M430

About Tom Craggs

Tom CraggsTom is one of the UK's most in demand young coaches and works as coaching consultant to many of the UK's biggest sports brands. He has a fantastic record of coaching runners from beginners right through to elites. Tom is also an Advanced Personal Trainer working with several well known TV and media personalities and coach to Elle Magazine, Vogue and Shortlist. Tom's training advice can also be found in Runners World, Men's and Women's Running and in newspapers such as the Telegraph on a regular basis.

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