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GORE® Wear Event


Tuesday 14th January 2020

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Run and Become, 4a Eccleston Street, London, SW1W 9LN


Come and learn all about GORE® Wear!

At this event Swedish twins Lina and Sanna, GORE sponsored athletes, will offer a presentation about their racing experiences, competing in Skyrunning and Adventure Racing in duo, team and individual races. Then they will take you out for a 5k run in nearby Hyde Park. 

The GORE® Wear team will also be there to talk about their products, their history and their motivation. They will offer each person a GORE TEX bag as a gift.

Also the chance to win one of two GORE-TEX Shakedry Trail Jackets (T&Cs apply)

Gore Shakedry Jacket

Sanna and Lina Racing Achievements

  • Winners of “BAMM” and “HEMAVAN24” 2016 and 2017
  • Winners of “TRANSALPINE RUN” 2017 and 2018
  • Winners of “TRANSROCKIES RUN” 2018
  • Winners of “EXPEDITION OREGON” 2018 Adventure Race
  • Winners of “DUO ÅRE EXTREME CHALLENGE” 2017 and 2018


  • Lina Winner of Olympus Marathon, Skyrace Comapedrosa.
  • 4th at “Livigno Skymarathon”, “High Trail Vanoise” and “Dolomyth Run”
  • And several wins and podiums from some VK.s during the same year.
  • Sanna 2nd at “Olympus Marathon” and “High Trail Vanoise.”
  • 3rd at “Dolomyth Run” and “Skyrace Comapedrosa.”
  • Also some podium positions for VK.s.


  • Sanna 6th on Buff Epic Trail 42k
  • 1st place Les Trois Pics 21k
  • 5th place Skyrace Comapedrosa

Gore Athletes

We have been with GORE since January 2018. We got in contact with them on TAR 2017. 

We usually do 1-3  Adventure Races per year, but they require more money, travel, preparation AND recovery afterwards, so we cannot do too many of them. This year non is planned.

We never run with watches, because we want to feel what our bodies can do on the day, not depending or forced by a watch or measurements. We enjoy long days out on the mountain. Interval training often comes naturally, and we rarely plan our training sessions. 

We've been doing races for about 5 years, but more serious the last 2 years. Both of us are very competetive, but we always try to have fun whatever we do, and often it's on those times we do the best results. 

With my GORE gear I feel safe on the mountain even though I would be surprised by a thunder storm.

Light and breathable clothing, just the feeling I want to have when I race!

We are proud to be a part of the GORE team, that have lots of experience about training, racing, performing and developing the best wear for different conditions

– Sanna

About GORE® Wear

Our products embody our commitment to innovation.
Our innovation is born from understanding the specific needs of athletes and engineered to enhance your experiences. We create highly functional products from our world-leading fabric technologies to deliver simplicity at the point of extreme need. 

From Our Lab to Your Lab
We strive to push the boundaries of fabric technology, through a never-ending process of improvement. We collaborate with professional athletes to research, to develop and to test function-first apparel that sets new standards in comfort and protection. We innovate so that you can experiment more. So that you can take on the elements, push your performance, and challenge your limits.

Sustainability is an integral part of our culture and business.
For us sustainability means being fair and responsible to people and the environment while offering products which provide best-in-class performance. We strive to continually improve the social and environmental impact of our products and processes without compromising their performance.

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