Are You Defending or Performing?


Tuesday 26th September 2017

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Run and Become, 4a Eccleston Street, London, SW1W 9LN


Mind Body Activation for Athletes

With Martin Feaver, MA Ed

  • Despite training hard do you struggle to improve your running?
  • Do you keep hitting barriers in your performance?
  • Do you doubt yourself when you train or compete?
  • Have you had enough of repeating injuries, constant aches or niggles?

Every time you put your trainers on, your performance is the result of your mind body connection. What is happening in your mind shows in your running and what happens when you run impacts on your mind. Your body and mind are integral to your performance.

Your running performance is the result of all your experiences in life - physical, emotional and psychological. These experiences empower or limit you. When they limit you they stay as ‘issues in your tissues’ and you subconsciously develop restricted ways of moving and thinking that block your performance. No amount of training gets rid of them and it can mean never realising your potential or endless frustrating injuries. Or both.

Mind Body Activation removes these restrictions. By working on your body you have an impact on your mind and your body! MBA resets neurological pathways and transforms your performance INSTANTLY, improving your strength, flexibility, speed, stamina, power and mindset.

Whether you’re an amateur or professional athlete, injured (again!), exercise enthusiast, in rehab or starting out exercising, this workshop, with clear explanations and practical tips to use straight away, can help you break through barriers that have been getting in your way and boost your performance.

“After just one MBA session, I was amazed at the effect that it had on my body and performance. I ran 24 hours afterwards and felt more comfortable running at a higher speed and could push myself more than normal.”
– Martin Clark, Triathlete

About Martin Feaver, MA Ed

Martin FeaverWith nearly 30 years experience as a solution focused coach, physical therapist, speaker and broadcaster, Martin runs The Mind Body Connection Ltd, based in London.

Martin specialises in coaching and working with sportspeople who want to start performing and stop defending. His approach of Mind Body Activation uses the powerful relationship of the mind and body so every component of a athlete’s life is integrated and working together.

All his life he has been a keen athlete. He’s coached basketball, gymnastics, swimming, rugby, athletics and running and was a personal trainer before the term was even invented! He now competes in triathlons.

As an athlete, he knows the real frustration of not achieving the results from the time and effort of training and what being injured means. It’s why he is so passionate about Mind Body Activation and wants to help others avoid waiting as long as he did to get to where they want to be.

Martin is passionate about spreading the message of living life fully, self confidence, personal empowerment and wellbeing to the widest possible audience.

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