Barefoot Running 2.0


Sunday 16th October 2016

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Run and Become, 4a Eccleston Street, London, SW1W 9LN

£10 per person

Taking your barefoot running to the next level.

With a maximum of 16 places, this seminar will offer you a customised transition program with the focus being on a predominantly practical session. You will learn in depth about how to enhance your foot strength and mobility, use barefoot as a training tool, deal with persistent injuries and optimise your running technique.

Over the last 3 years we have had close to a 1000 people attend our Barefoot Running Clinics at Run and Become. Whilst this is a huge privilege to have had the opportunity to connect with this many people, we also recognise that many of you may want something new, more bespoke to take them to the next level of conditioning.

You will have access to Primal Lifestyle's online transition matrix and also access to Barefoot 2.0 Private Group on Facebook.

Session Format

  • Participants will fill out transition matrix online before attending
  • Start with background to and review of Transition Matrix Results
  • Continue with a brief update on current research relating to transition
  • Matt will lead how to assess various features of gait and demo assessment
  • Participants will partner up and assess each other (participants will need to bring shorts or trousers where knees can easily be viewed) Matt will be assisting
  • Participants will complete an assessment sheet which leads to creating of a customised conditioning & running programme
  • Q&A

About Matt Wallden

Matt WalldenMatt Wallden is the osteopath and health & performance specialist who was one of the first to tell Vibram that their product, Vibram FiveFingers, were much more than just a sailing shoe.

Matt's background as an educator and faculty member of several osteopathic colleges and the CHEK Institute allowed him to recognize that the Vibram FiveFingers provided a perfect opportunity for the foot to work as nature designed it. His career has seen him present his research and concepts at many national and international events; as well as to write for the acclaimed Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies as a co-editor.

Matt has worked as a consultant for many elite sports teams and professional athletes as well as many patients with chronic pain and health conditions.

In 1999 Matt wrote to Adidas to suggest that they create a shoe he called "gloves for feet" and his concept was held on file, but Matt continued to explore the barefoot concept. In 2006 Matt was writing a chapter for a textbook on natural rehabilitation in which he included a section on barefoot walking and running. Months later, Matt was teaching a course in New York and one of the students walked in wearing a pair of Vibram FiveFingers. With the research he had been gathering and recognizing Vibram's product as almost identical to the description he had sent to Adidas 7 years previously, Matt wrote to Vibram, explained the background and the importance of the product to Vibram, and soon became their distributor to the UK.

Since then, Matt has regularly trained and run in his Vibram FiveFingers and will be completing an off-road ultra event this summer with his colleagues at Primal Lifestyle.

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