Running and Meditation: Pushing the Boundaries


Wednesday 22nd February 2017

7:00pm - 8:30pm

Run and Become, 20 Queensferry Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4QW


Most long distance runners, whatever distance they run, will have had the experience of running effortlessly, finding themselves in a space where everything just flows, where the act of running becomes a kind of meditation. Again, the inner strength gained from formal meditation can help overcome perceived barriers and limitations. Sri Chinmoy called meditation ‘the inner running.’

Adrian Stott and Alan Spence are lifelong followers of Sri Chinmoy’s path of self-transcendence – both have been running and meditating for many years. In this evening workshop they will talk about the benefits meditation can bring to your running  and your life. They will also offer a few simple excercises and visualisations, and talk about pushing the boundaries, going beyond.

Adrian is a well known figure on the Scottish running scene. As well as helping out at Run and Become, and organising the popular Self-Transcendence races, he is an accomplished ultra distance runner. (Among other remarkable achievements, he has completed the West Highland Way race 15 times). He is now Ultra Team Manager with Scotland and GB,  anda mentor and support to many of Britain’s top ultra distance runners.

Alan is an award-winning Scotttish author, and Professor Emeritus in Creative Writing at the University of Aberdeen. He helps run the Sri Chinmoy Centre in Edinburgh. In his younger days he ran sub 3 hours  for the marathon and  completed a few ultra marathons

“Sport has a secret. It can become an open door to your unimaginable inner potential. Meditation is an adventurous journey to your unlimited source. With a focused mind, calm emotions and the right attitude, the intensity, the flow and the joy experienced in sport, can become meditation.”
Sri Chinmoy

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