The Ramsay Round
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The Ramsay Round


Wednesday 29th January 2020

7:00pm - 9.00pm

Walpole Hall, Edinburgh EH12 5AW


Due to the interest in this talk, it will now be held at the Walpole Hall, EH12 5AW. It is part of the St Mary’s Cathedral complex in the West End, between Manor Place and Palmerston Place, 5 mins walk from Run and Become or Haymarket Station. The event is now full and we are operating a waiting list. You can still sign up and we will notify you as soon as places become available.

Charlie Ramsay is something of a legend of the Scottish Mountains. His completion of 24 Munro’s in 24 hours in the summer of 1979 has entered Scottish hill running folklore and established the classic Scottish Mountain Round to rival Snowdonia’s Paddy Buckley and Lakeland’s Bob Graham circuits.

Graham Nash currently has the most Ramsay Round completion with 5. He has completed The Round in both Summer and Winter conditions. He has also been involved as a pacer/guide on several attempts including record attempts. 

Between them they will give a presentation on:

  • The origins and history of the Charlie Ramsay Round
  • The training needed for a successful completion
  • How it has evolved from an occasional brave soul attempting it to a record 36 known completions in 2019
  • How anyone can enjoy The Round in small bite size chunks, or just leisurely trek it over 2/3 days 

The evening will close with an open question and answer session. This evening will interest anyone with a genuine love of the Scottish hills.

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