World Champion Triathlete, Kate Strong


Tuesday 7th July 2015

6:30pm - 7:30pm

Run and Become, 100 St Mary Street, Cardiff, CF10 1DX


An inspirational talk on setting and achieving your goals.

Welsh born Kate Strong from Blackheath recently became an Australian citizen. In September 2014 she took home the World Championships in Women's Long Distance Triathlon in Weihai, China.

Last November in her 4th triathlon, she won the Australian National Championship for her age category. This super-charged athlete went on to win the World Championship title in her 9th ever competition.

Kate started running after admitting she was just making excuses and using external factors not to. After twelve months she completed a 59KM Ultra Marathon, her 1st running competition since she was a teenager.

Having chronic asthma, she removed dairy from her diet and then moved on to become vegan. Even with an injury, she came in third to qualify for the World Champion Ironman Competition.

World Champion Triathlete, Kate StrongKate is passionate about her sport and is living her dream. After selling her B&B she set out to pursue her passion full time. Not only that but also to inspire others to make positive changes in their lives through conscious living.

She works with another woman from Oregon to create transitioning courses from marathon running to competing in triathlons. She also plans to create an application that will help individuals create goals in their life to make positive changes.

Kate is a remarkable woman who has looked at all aspects of her lifestyle, from how you think, to nutrition and exercise. She admires people who own their own dreams and go after them. Visit her website to be truly amazed at what can be achieved with the right attitude.

Ujjiti Channing
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