Simple Techniques to Help You Run Better


Friday 8th September 2017
6.15pm - 8.00pm

Meadowbank Sports Centre, London Road, Edinburgh EH7 6AE
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Matt HollandMatt Holland at Improve My Running has helped dozens of Run and Become customers in recent years, who have had recurring injury issues, or just wish to improve form, fitness and performance, whatever their standard.

In this general information evening, he will simply explain how he does this.

Do you want to:

  • Reduce your injury risk?
  • Improve your running technique?
  • Increase your speed and efficiency?

Or are you a coach/health professional who wants to help your athletes and clients with the above?

To find out how, come along to Matt’s presentation. Entry FREE but places limited so...

Improve Your Running“Matt Holland has developed the ability through years of experience working with people of all abilities, not just to figure out what is wrong with them, but to work out where and what the weakness in your body is. Once you know where the problem is originating from, he works on finding a solution to help get you back doing the things that you most enjoy, or improving what you are already doing.”
– Adrian Stott, Run and Become, and Team Manager – Scottish and GB Ultra Distance Running Squads

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