Running the Sights with ON shoes

At Run and Become, we organise several Test Run sessions where one of our suppliers brings a ‘Test Pool’ of shoes for customers to try and get a feel for them before they buy. We are always trying to find ideas to make these sessions a little more interesting. 

A conversation with one of our customers Ali Wylie, led to us getting together with one of our newer suppliers On to give a nice twist to this one.

Ali runs (no pun intended) a small company called Run The Sights, which offer guided running tours of Edinburgh.

Her regular tours can involve a few miles at a leisurely pace, with numerous “rest breaks“ to take in and hear interesting stories of traditional Edinburgh landmarks.

On shoes have developed a small but loyal following. Runners love the lightness and close fit, and the revolutionary ‘Cloud’ cushioning has its own unique feel.

To make this test run a little different, Ali had devised a 3-4 mile route from the store in Queensferry Street in the West End to take in some of Edinburgh’s lesser know landmarks and a couple of the usual well known ones.

Having got everyone fitted into a suitable pair of On shoes, we duly set off for our wee tour of the sights.

Not everyone knows this, but Edinburgh is twinned with San Diego in California. Just as Edinburgh has its famous Historic Dog, Greyfriars Bobby, San Diego now has its own famous dog story about a dog called Bum! To cut a long story short, there is now a statue of Bum in West Princes Street Gardens below the castle. He is really cute!

To the Castle Esplanade and an often missed landmark the Witches’ Well, where alleged witches were burnt in there hundreds with little judicial due process.

 Some interesting meandering in closes and stepped thoroughfares of the Royal Mile, enabled everyone to see how the ON shoes dealt with Edinburgh’s odd stone steps and cobbles. Pretty good was the main feeling.

To Calton Hill and the obligatory stop by the trig point just after the sun had disappeared. Here Ali’s obvious love and knowledge of Stories of Edinburgh was apparent as she briefly relayed the history of the hill and explained the “time ball” on Nelson’s monument.

Descending again down steps to St Andrew Square and to Princes Street where again Ali’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the history of the famous Scott monument revealed several unknown facts to the write and others!!

A speedy dash to finish along Princes Street, brought us back to the West End and Run and Become, where we enjoyed feedback on the shoes and the sights from everyone, drink and fruit, (OK there were choccy biccies too), and shared some autumn running tips. Carnethy Hill Runners Sally Cross was a happy winner of the raffle for a new pair of Ons and will be proudly wearing her Cloud Flow over the winter for her London Marathon training.

All in all, agroup run with a difference.  

If anyone wants to have a group run with a difference, for your work force, your running group or any special occasion for that matter, we would highly recommend getting in touch with Ali through her Run the Sights website. Distance and locations, all up for discussion. You can read about and see our range of On shoes here »

Big thanks to Ali at Run the Sights and Lucy from On for arranging the test pool of shoes  #runonclouds

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