Brooks Moving Comfort Bra Presentation

On Tuesday 26th January we held an extremely interesting and informative ‘Moving Comfort’ bra fitting event in the shop.

It was led by John Lee and Claire Miles from Brooks. Under the guidance of Professor Joana Scurr, the world leading expert in breast health, they have learned an immense amount on this topic and on bra fitting in general.

First John spoke about some of the lesser known facts that really emphasized the importance of wearing a well-fitting sports bra. An easy way to remember these:

  1. There are no muscles in the breast itself – the pectoralis major and minor muscles sit behind the breast, so strengthening these muscles does not actually do anything to help hold the breasts in place.
  2. The average weight of both breasts is approximately 1kg (a size 34D),
  3. only the skin and a very delicate structure a bit like a spider’s web which is called Cooper’s ligaments help to hold everything in place.
  4. Components in a breast: skin, glandular tissue and fat.
  5. Negative consequences: breast pain; breast sag; performance effect and embarrassment.

What amazed most of us was that a well-fitting sports bra can have an incredibly positive effect on your foot strike and speed – if your bra doesn’t fit properly, it could cause you to run up to a minute a mile slower. Marathon runners, is your sports bra fitting correctly? Get the right fit and you might run a PB :o). Your breathing is also affected. Without a sports bra your breathing is shallower as there’s more pressure on the rib cage.

It was also mentioned that women with a small cup size think they don’t need a sports bra, however, regardless of cup size there is an incredible range of breast movement when you run. The result is that irrespective of your size a good sports bra is absolutely vital. It is in fact just as important as your running shoes.

Your running bra should never see a birthday and should be replaced when you buy your running shoes.

Next Claire told us about the different types of sports bra. Some bras compress, others ‘encapsulate’ so that the bra is surrounding and supporting each breast individually. Most of the bras which we stock offer a combination of compression and encapsulation. A variety of bras were passed around so that we could look and see how they were made and how they differed.

Of course one’s size and activity makes a big difference as to how supportive you need your bra to be. The ‘Moving Comfort’ Fiona and Uprise / Uplift bras fall into the ‘stabilize’ category which is ‘Moving Comfort’s’ milder support option. These bras offer excellent support for runners needing a smaller cup size and/or band size. They would also be the correct type for yoga or milder impact gym classes. For heavier impact, longer runs and those needing a larger size bra the Juno bra would be a good choice. This bra falls into the ‘control’ category.

There were lots of interesting questions asked which both entertained and educated us.   Almost everyone present was measured and tried a variety of bras to see what fitted and felt best.

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