Hunters Bog Trotters




Caters for:

  • Road Running
  • Cross Country
  • Hill Running

Set up for:

  • Beginners
  • Advanced Runners
  • Distance Runners
  • Speed Training

The club takes their name from, Hunters Bog, a flat marshy area of Holyrood Park between Arthurs Seat and the Salisbury Crags, The Trails of the Park are well used training routes for Edinburgh runners. Aknowledged as having a slightly less conventional approach to running than most clubs, they nonetheless strike a great balance between training hard and also "enjoying themselves". Self proclaimed as "non elitist" and welcomng runners of all standards, but also in any calender year having athletes regularly representing Scotland and occasionally Great Britain in hill and cross country events amongst their members. Their online presence is very limited, and people do wonder 'who or what is this club?' To find out, contact them and then turn up at one of their training nights. They organise the legendary local races, The Hunters Bog Trot in April which includes running up over the Salisbury Crags and the brutal Radical Road of Holyrood Park and also the Famous" Black Rock 5" beach race from Kinghorn in Fife which featured in the book The World's Ultimate Running Races.

The club has a number of conventions to ensure its smooth running. The main rules are:
No lager drinkers
No elitism
- Hunters Bog Trotters
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